Dr. Zen Harper

Zen Harper in Guilin, China, 2002
Zen Harper in Guilin, China, 2002

This is the personal website of Dr. Zen Harper.


Hi there, I am a MATHEMATICIAN from Bristol, England; born in 1978.


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UPDATE June 2012: I have now left Asia and am back in England! Probably, I will be living in England fairly permanently for the forseeable future.


As always, if you want to contact me, send me an email. My email is:


zen 14142 harper 271828 cantab 173205 net


...where (since I want to avoid spam), you should replace 14142 and 173205 by a dot, and replace 271828 by the "at" symbol @


Note: although I do have a Facebook page, I do not regularly use it so please don't send Facebook messages to me!